April 13, 2021
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Continued Crisis Facing Ethnic Peoples in Burma

14 May 2011: The new government of Burma still conducts a series of human rights abuses against civilians in ethnic areas across the country, in addition to turning a blind eye to their ‘ongoing’ crisis.

Chin State: Refugees Arrested, Forced out of Mizoram State, India

More than 40 Chin families, both unlisted and listed on the electoral rolls, living in Vaphai village, Mizoram State of India have been driven out of Mizoram State, India early this month following allegations that they may be involved in smuggling arms, drugs and illegal items into the village.

Mizoram authorities have conducted a series of crackdown in Aizawl, arresting nearly 100 refugees from Burma on several occasions in March and April this year, according to the Khonumthung News.

Kachin State: Singaporean Company to Destroy Tiger Reserve for Oil Drilling

Burma’s new government has given the green light to Silver Wave Exploration & Production Pte Ltd, of Singapore to drill for oil near the world’s largest tiger reserve in Hugawng Valley in Kachin State after an agreement made on 4 May this year, according to the Kachin News.

Environmentalists have strongly slammed the Burmese government for ‘widespread deforestation’ in the Hugawng Valley by allowing enterprises including the Yuzana Company to develop sugar cane and tapioca plantations after a confiscation of nearly 400,000 acres of land belonging to the Kachin locals.

Karen State: Food Shortage Threatens Thousands

At least 8,885 locals in 118 villagers across northern Papun District of Karen State are running out of food due to limited financial resources, according to the Karen Human Rights Group (KHRG) last Wednesday. It also said the current food crisis in Lu Thaw Tonwship is directly linked to attacks in villagers by Burma army soldiers.

KHRG Field Director Saw Albert said: “Families told KHRG they had already run out of food, or that they did not expect their food stores to last until the next harvest. This food crisis is challenging villagers’ ability to survive in hiding without becoming displaced again or more vulnerable to attacks and other human rights abuses.”

Karenni State: Civilians Injured, Killed by Burma Army Soldiers

Two villagers from Daw Ta Naw village in Karenni State were hit by the artillery shelling fired by Burma army soldiers during a clash with the Karenni soldiers in March this year, according to the Kantarawaddy Times.

A 22-year-old man from Chikeh village in Karenni State was last Tuesday shot dead in the evening while on his way home on a motorbike by Burma army soldiers guarding the checkpoint near Loikaw, the capital city.

A Loikaw resident was quoted by DVB (Democratic Voice of Burma) as saying: “He was returning from a farm when he was told to stop. Apparently, he didn’t hear them because of the noise from his bike engine so they shot him.”

Mon State: Police Officer Killed, Another Injured

The ‘unidentified’ armed group blew up the Telecommunication Office in Kyaik Paik village in Mudon Township, killing one police officer and leaving a telecommunication staff member injured, according to the Independent Mon News Agency today.

Last Tuesday, heavy rains and strong winds hit Belu Island, Chaung Zone Township in the morning, destroying houses and school building. Local residents in Moulmein also said that buildings and trees have collapsed in the capital city, with no electricity due to the cable stands being damaged.

Shan State: Human Rights Abuses Increased and Wa Fighter Killed

There has been a major increase in human rights abuses in Shan State after the military authorities broke a 22-year long ceasefire agreement with the Shan State Army-North on 13 March, according to a statement on Thursday by Burma Campaign UK.

A member of the United Wa State Army (UWSA) was shot to death in an attack launched by Burma Army soldiers while he was heading to Mongjawd with his four Wa fighters on 5 May, according to the Shan Herald.

Rakhine State: Giri-Hit Victims in Need of Food

Most villagers from Cyclone Giri-affected areas in Kyaukpru Township are facing shortages of rice after relied aid distribution has been stopped in March, the Narinjara said. Locals blamed the authorities for lack of systematic supervision over the flows and delivery of aid distribution.

The Religious Council and Township Administration of Maungdaw has ordered the construction of Maungdaw Juma Mosque to stop early this month, with no proper explanation of reasons given, according to the Kaladan Press Network.

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