April 13, 2021
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Popular Chin Singers to Wow Fans in Norway

25 February 2011: Burma’s well-known two Chin singers, Chaw Su Khin and Sangpi are to wow Chin and Burmese fans in Norway by performing at a series of concerts to be held in Oslo, Froland and Stavanger.

The duo are set to appear on stage rocking the audience in Oslo tonight as the first of the three concert programmes scheduled in Norway until 4 March 2011.

“Their safe arrival in Norway from Germany made us really happy. They might get a bit tired after performing in Germany and travelling. We all, especially the youths, are very excited and looking forward to the concert tonight,” one of the Chin community leaders told Chinland Guardian.

The two Chin singers arrived in Frankfurt, Germany from Burma at the invitation of Chin Community in Germany to participate in a combined celebration of the 63rd anniversary of Chin National Day and the 10th anniversary of the inception of Chin Community in Germany held last week.

“Quite a lot of people from Chin, other ethnic and Burmese communities across Germany turned up and we really enjoyed their performances at the celebration. This kind of collectively concerted gathering reminded us that we all are from the same country and made our relationship stronger not only among Chin communities but also with other ethnic communities from Burma,” one of the Chin participants told Chinland Guardian.

It is said that Burmese celebrities Khin Lay Nwe and Su Pan Htra also joined the Frankfurt celebrations during their film shooting breaks in Switzerland.

In Norway, two more concerts are programmed to be held in Froland and Stavanger on 26 February and 4 March respectively.

Arriving in Stavanger on Tuesday at the request of Chin Community in Norway (CCN), Chaw Su Khin and Sangpi will go back to Germany on 6 March 2011 before heading back to Burma.

Van Biak Thang
[email protected]

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