April 14, 2021
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Chin Football Team Praised Despite Being Disqualified for Semi-Final

18 February 2011: The Chin State Football team, despite losing to the Rangoon team in a 2-0 match, received praise from its fans for getting through to a quarter-final of the nationwide State-and-Division football tournament, which ended early this month.

Within 20 minutes of the match, the Chin team missed a penalty kick as the Rangoon goalkeeper managed to catch it. The match ended in a 2-0 victory for the Rangoon team that scored another goal in 93 minutes, making the Chin team disqualified for the semi-final.

One of the local fans said: “I am so proud of the team for making such efforts and this is a big success in years for a Chin team in the football history in Burma. They have a team spirit and played well. I believe this is betteer hope and confidence for the future.”

It is claimed that the Delta United FC in Burma has selected five players from the Chin State team who will be paid a salary and given proper trainings on football.

Players of the Chin football team include Cing Khan Kim, Phun Za Ling, Pau Sian Sang, Tluang Cung Hmin,  Mung Deih Pau, Lal Zing Sangaa (a), Tawk Awi Thang, Lal Zing Sangaa (b), Lal Loh Kim, Suan Lam Mang, Upeter, Lo Ho Lian, Deng Thuam and Ye Min Thein.

Meanwhile, the final match of Thantlang Township village-tract football tournament is to be played tomorrow in Thantlang Town where a total of nine teams have participated since 12 February 2011.

Recently, there has also been a call for forming ‘Association of Chin Football Federation (ACFF)’ in support of the young generation to participate in sports.

One of the most favourite sports in Chin State, football has drawn a wider spectrum of supporters and audience, acquiring its place now as one of the most played social activities in the Chin communities across the globe.

Football was introduced to Burma in 1878 by James George Scott, a Scottish journalist and colonial administrator who helped establish British colonial rule in Burma. The first organised football match ever played in Burma was held at St John’s College in Rangoon around 1879.

Salai Nyein Chan & Van Biak Thang
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