April 14, 2021
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Burma’s Ethnic Groups to Hold Series of Events in London

03 February 2011: A series of events organised by ethnic nationalities from Burma based in London, UK are to be held in this month, marking the significant events of commemoration observed in Burmese political movements.

On 5 February 2011, the Kachin Community in the UK is to mark the 50th Anniversary of Kachin Revolution Day in West London where Kachin traditional foods will be served in commemoration of the Kachin Independent Army (KIA) formed on February 5 1961 fighting for self-determination and freedom of the people in Kachin State.

On 12 February 2011, a celebration of the 64th anniversary of Union Day will be held at Burma Campaign UK with youth discussion about ‘Burma in the darkness’ written by Win Tin Tun. It is a commemoration of the Panglong Agreement which was signed between the Burmese central government led by Aung San and several ethnic groups.

The Panglong Agreement was organised in Panglong town of Shan State in 1947 with the aim of achieving a federal democratic system of government in Burma before the country gained independence from Britain.

On 20 February 2011, Chin Communtiy in the UK will hold a small-scale celebration of the 63rd anniversary of Chin National Day in East London, marking the 5,000-strong meeting held at Falam Town of Chin State in 1948 against the hereditary aristocritc system of governing in favour of democratic system of administration.

In military-ruled Burma and especially in Chinland, Chin National celebration is not allowed by the ruling military junta. Instead, the junta prefers to let the Chin people celebrate February 20 as Chin State Day. The Chins usually insisted to celebrate as National Day and not as State Day.

On 26 February 2011, the 64th anniversary of Mon National Day is to be held in East London with a variety of Mon traditional performances and foods. Mon leaders in 1948 implemented the first Mon National Day to bring together people in a meaningful way based on cultural heritage and political aspirations as a people. The 1st Mon National Day Ceremony was celebrated at a cinema hall of Wae Dut (Ywa Lut) in Beelu Kyun Island, Mon State.

On 11 February 2011, a global day of action, jointly organised by Karen National Union – UK, Arakan Students’ and Youths’ Congress (AASYC) in partnership with the Burma Campaign UK, will be held in front of High Commission of India to call for the immediate release of 34 Karen and Arakenese freedom fighters who have been detained for almost 13 years.

Van Biak Thang
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