April 18, 2021
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Pu Chin Sian Thang to Receive ZIHA Award

29 January 2011: Chairman of Zomi National Congress (ZNC), Pu Chin Sian Thang, 73, is to be given the Zomi Independence Hero Award according to decisions made at the 34th World Zomi Congress (WZC) meeting held on 23 January 2011.

The decision was made in honour and recognition of Pu Chin Sian Thang’s relentless commitment to working for the freedom of his people, and of his contributions and leadership in bringing about what is now known as the Kalay Declaration achieved at the 22nd Anniversary of the establishment of ZNC.

No details have not yet been known as to when and where the award ceremony will be held.

Like the Panglong Conference, the Kalay Declaration which is also supported by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, stood once again calling for the freedom of our people from the military regimes since 1962, and national reconciliation in Burma, according to the meeting as quoted by the Tongsan News.

It is also in favour of not only those who signed the Panglong Agreement but also other ethnic nationalities including Rakhine, Mon, and Karen. The Panglong Agreement was reached between the Shan, Kachin and Chin leaders, and Aung San as Head of the interim Burmese government held at Panglong in Shan State on 12 February 1947.

The Zomi National Congress, founded in 1988, is a political party committed to restoring and establishing democratic government and federal union of Myanmar, with Pu Chin Sian Thang, an elected MP during the 1990 General Election, as its chairman.

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