April 14, 2021
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New Year Baby Born with Birth Defect in Tedim

04 January 2011: A new baby boy was born to a couple from Tualzang village in Tedim Town on 1 January 2011, reportedly with four legs, four hands, four eyes, and two mouths but with no anal opening.

“People got so surprised when they heard about the news, and rushed to the hospital to see the new baby. It’s a terrifying moment for the parents. After a while, his parents got embarrassed and took the baby to their village, Tualzang, straight away,” said a local from Tedim Town in Chin State.

The ‘deformed’ baby was said to be delivered at Tedim Hospital at about 2pm on New Year’s day.

It is claimed that the baby will not live long under this condition of birth defect.

The local said some other people from the nearby places, therefore, travelled to Tualzang village to take a look at the baby.

Friends and relatives from nearby villages and foreign countries are said to be praying and making a collection of financial contribution for the family.

A 90-year-old local said: “We have never come across this kind of situations in my life. This is the very first time. We are in a really bad generation – we have mautam-related food crisis and life expectancy becomes shorter. We should be more careful and considerate.”

A child born with no anal opening, also known as ‘imperforate anus’, is more common in boys than in girls and occurs once in every 5,000 births or so, according to one health-related public sharing website (www.squidoo.com).

Van Biak Thang and Salai Nyein Chan
[email protected]

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