April 13, 2021
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Troops Reinforced on the Western Front as Tensions Flare in Eastern Burma

3 December 2010: The number of Burmese troops stationed at army camps along the Chin State-India border has nearly tripled since November 12, according to a border source.

A source quoting a Burmese soldier in the area said that the reinforcement is in anticipation of possible fresh hostilities on the western front as part of a larger armed fightings with other ethnic resistance groups on the eastern border.

A significant increase in Burmese troops is being reported in three townships in northern Chin State, Falam, Tedim and Tonzang.

Five different army camps located along the India-Burma border are identified as the place where the Burmese soldiers have tripled in size in the last three weeks. They include Tio, Rih Khawdar, Tibual (Falam Township), Darkhai (Tedim Township) and Bukphir camps (Tonzang Township).

Around 30 soldiers are normally stationed at each camp.

But the source said no new army battalions are being deployed in Chin State. The soldiers get sent from existing army battalions in Chin State.

Sparodic armed fightings continue to be reported in eastern Burma since Burma’s national election in early November.

In anticipation of an all-out assault from the Burmese army in the post election period, several ethnic armed resistance groups, including those maintaining a cease-fire agreement, have recently come together and agreed to assist each other in the event of new attacks from the Burmese army.

The Chin National Front (CNF), active in the western border, is part of the newly established multi-ethnic military alliance Committee for the Emergence of a Federal Union (CEFU).

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