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Bridging the Gap: Chin Christian Leaders Converged in Malaysia

27 November 2010 (Chinland Guardian): Chin Christian leaders across the globe yesterday gathered at the first Global Chin Christian Fellowship (GCCF) Conference held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, unanimously coming to terms in principle with the fellowship formation.

The conference, jointly hosted by 10 Chin Churches in Malaysia, had more than 250 participants including Chin Christian pastors, ministers and leaders as well as delegates of Chin churches, denominations and communities of different areas from 14 different countries, with a total of 70 from Burma and 46 from others excluding attendees from Malaysia.

One of the organising committee members, Rev. Dr. Stephen Hre Kio told the conference in his opening speech: “This is a historic day for the Chin Christians, and we praise God for making this meeting possible. And because this is such a historic day, we need to heed and listen to the leading of the Holy Spirit, only with whose help can we make this meeting successful.”

“My prayer is that the good Lord will use our feeble organization called Global Chin Christian Fellowship for His glory and for His Kingdom. And my hope is that all of us, Chins throughout the world, will be used by Him for His purpose: Our hands will become His hands to do things for His name, our feet will become His feet to go wherever He wants us to go, our mouths will become His mouth to declare His gracious gospel of salvation to every Chin, and to every creature on earth. In other words, we will be His tools in His hands,” said the 75-year-old Falam Siangbawipa.

The much-awaited conference opened with a short devotional worship service followed by a series of paper presentations from various key speakers including Rev. Dr. Chum Awi on Draft Constitution of GCCF, Rev. Dr. Robert Thawng Hlei on Mission Obligation and Strategy, Rev. Dr. Hrang Hmung and Pu Sui Hingz of OCO (One Chin Organisation) on Community Development, Rev. Dr. Hla Aung on Ecology, Pi Bawi Cin on Chin Women in 21st Century and Ngun Thawng Lian on Chin Youths in 21st Century.

One of the participants from Burma told Chinland Guardian: “I felt God has answered our prayers. We all came here together and agreed to work together and made our minds to move forwards together for the Chin people regardless of where we live. I believe GCCF will make a good bridge between us in Burma and abroad.”

The name GCCF (Global Chin Christian Fellowship) was collectively agreed during the Chin Christian Leader’s Consultation held on 8-10 February 2010 in Pataya, Thailand by a group of 43 Chin Christian leaders from across the world.

Van Biak Thang
[email protected]

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