April 13, 2021
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Slow Connections Cause Internet Cafes to Close

31 October 2010: Many internet cafes in Kalay, Sagaing Division did not open throughout this week due to the unusually slow connection and frequent cuts, residents have said.

“I personally know of at least 13 different internet places in town and most of them remained closed for most of the week,” a youth in Kalay Myo who frequents cybercafes told Chinland Guardian.

Another resident reports that connections are a little better early in the morning and in the evening, although frequent cuts remain to be a problem. Only a few cafes remain open on Sunday.

“This is very clever on the part of the authorities. They slow down the connection two weeks prior to the November 7 elections, instead of cutting the internet altogether at once,” said one local youth activist.

Problems with the internet connections are being reported elsewhere in the country. A lawyer working with a non-profit organization in the former capital Rangoon today told Chinland Guardian that he couldn’t access his gmail account due to the slow connection on the weekend, although he said he was able to communicate with friends on the GTALK.

Another resident from Kamayuat Township in Rangoon said she rushed to the internet cafes early this morning upon hearing words that there are better connections during the early morning hours.

Burma’s military junta is being accused of deliberately slowing and cutting internet connections in an attempt to prevent Burmese citizens from communicating with the outside world around its planned election time. Voting takes place next Sunday, November 7.

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