April 20, 2021
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ZNC Boycotts 2010 Election

05 September 2010: The Zomi National Congress (ZNC) last Wednesday announced it will refuse to participate in Burma’s upcoming 2010 election, saying it is ‘very undemocratic’ and against the whole structure of democracy.

In a statement released on 1 September 2010, ZNC said: “We have no confidence in the regime and its election committee. They do whatever they like regardless of the laws they made.”

“We have decided to boycott unanimously. In every free and fair election, every free voter has the right to cast his/her vote or not to cast his/her vote. It is his/her birthright.”

The main objective of the election is to confirm the so-called constitution that will enable the Defence Services to participate in the national political leadership role of the state, the statement added.

Meanwhile, two new major Chin political parties that were recently formed have decided to contest the elections. The Chin National Party (CNP) and the Chin Progessive Party (CPP) are set to contest in all the constituencies in Chin State.

According to Article 441, the so-called constitution shall come into operation throughout the Union from the first session of the Pyidaungsu Hluttaw (Union Assembly).

ZNC argued there is no ratified constitution as the Pyidaungsu Hluttaw is not yet convened, and the election committee, against the Article, called for representative application forms for the respective constituencies, adding: “This is a grave violation of the so-called constitution that they made even before its ratification.”

Earlier this year, the United Nationalities Alliance (UNA), which is a coalition of 12 ethnic political parties including ZNC, announced they would not contest in the military-planned 2010 election.

The Election Committee of Burma has announced the election is to be held on 7 November 2010.

The Zomi National Congress, founded in 1988, is a political party committed to restoring and establishing democratic government and federal union of Burma with Pu Chin Sian Thang, an elected MP during the 1990 General Election, as its chairman.

Van Biak Thang
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