April 12, 2021
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Chin Christian Leaders To Hold Meeting In Malaysia

29 June 2010: In attempts to find a way of establishing a global Christian network, Chin Christian leaders, pastors and representatives throughout the world are invited to attend a conference to be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 24-28 November, 2010.

An official invitation is to be sent and distributed to churches of all denominations outside as well as inside of Burma (Myanmar), urging each denomination to elect a delegate to the conference.

The statement released today by the working committee of the upcoming conference said: “Today the question of our future survival and viability as a people is further complicated by the way in which the Chins have been dispersed all over the world. Diasporas Chin community now makes up one fifth of the current total population of Chin State, spreading across four continents – from Asia and Australia to Europe and North America.”

“In this context, the Christian churches have an added responsibility of ensuring that the fabrics of the Chin social and cultural way of life are preserved and strengthened in the face of overwhelming forces that continue to threaten the foundation of our very existence.”

Despite their differences, the Chin people can be united around the Christian religion and that the Christian churches are the first institution established by the Chin community wherever they live, in order to preserve and protect their cultural, religious and ethnic attributes against external forces that often threaten their very existence.

In Chin society, Christianity has had a profound and strong transforming impact till today. Consequently, the Christian churches have traditionally played a vital role in the lives of individuals, as well as, become an integral part of the Chin cultural life over the course of the last one century.

Acknowledging the diversity among the Chin people, the statement also stressed the need of unity and collaboration, saying: “Our current way of thinking and ingrained mindset of distrusts for one another based on narrowly defined perceived differences, must be carefully rethought and redefined if we want to see our people survive as a viable and distinct ethnic and cultural group in the new century and many more beyond.”

On 8-10 February 2010, a group of 43 Chin Christian leaders from inside Burma and those from the diasporas communities from a dozen different countries converged for the first time at the Baptist Conference Center in Pataya, Thailand for a preliminary consultation on how to effectively respond to and meet the Chin challenges by the Christian churches.

Van Biak Thang
[email protected]

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