April 12, 2021
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Students Held Decennial Celebration At ‘Junta-Banned’ Church

07 June 2010: Chin students of Technological University in Tayawati village of Kalay Myo last March held a special worship service at a church being banned from continuing its building construction, marking the 10th anniversary of Chin Christian Fellowship.

The decennial celebration was attended by more than 350 Chin students and Christians from nearby villages amid risks of possible arrests and attacks by the local military authority and communities that strongly oppose any Christian activities.

Former Secretary of Chin university students association, Kalay told Chinland Guardian: “After all these years with problems and difficulties, it is good that at least the students can celebrate the 10th anniversary of Chin Christian Fellowship. This is the platform where we, the Chins from different areas of Chin State, can meet, share and collobrate in unity.”

In November 2008, the building construction materials including pillars, wood planks and foundation cement blocks bought and collected from contributions made for many years by the Chin students were destroyed and removed under the direct order of Chairman of Township Peace and Development Council, U Ko Ko Latt.

The military authority has since prohibited the continuation of the church construction near Thuma village, located at about 20 minutes away by bus from Kalay Myo.

With its current status recently upgraded from Government Technological College (GTC), the Tehnological University (TU) has got about 400 Chin students with the majority living on campus.

Van Biak Thang
[email protected]
Chinland Guardian

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