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CARD To Sell Chin-made Products

13 January 2010: Locally made shampoos and washing liquids could soon be available for purchase in the market in Chin State and beyond, a Chinland Guardian source disclosed.

The two detergent products, formulated by CARD (Christian Association for Rural Development), are made of some chemicals and homegrown ingredients including N-70, salt, processed tea leaves, and cactus or star fruits.

“We are just in the beginning stage and only a few local people have tried our products, which are made locally using homegrown materials and we are proud of what has been achieved. We are happy to have received positive comments from our customers. It is our aims to get our products into a market in the future,” said Ms Ngai Men, Field Director of CARD.

The washing liquid, dermatologically tested and harmless to the skin, can be used for washing up clothes and dishes. The shampoo is said to have already attracted more customers as it includes a variety of  of good smelling scents and other ingredients for softening hair and removing dandruff.

One local customer said: “I feel fresh, clean and light after washing my hair with the new shampoo. It is very good but a bit expensive.”

At present, a 35cl bottle of shampoo costs 2,000 Kyats while only 500 Kyats is priced for the same-sized botte of washing liquid. The products are made available in different sizes.

In Chin State, washing clothes by hand is still commonly practiced using a bar of soap.

It is claimed that CARD made this local production possible after sending out its staff members to Thailand for learning necessary training and skills. About 10 local people are currrently being trained in Thailand, Japan and the Philippines, according to sources.

CARD, founded in 1998, has been actively involved in promoting and protecting the environment, and improving cultivation in Chin State through various awareness-raising activities including publications, video productions and conducting seminars and trainings.

Van Biak Thang
[email protected]
Chinland Guardian

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