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Chin Leaders Held Public Discussion in Delhi

11 November 2009: Some prominent exiled Chin leaders today held a public discussion with members of the Burmese community based in New Delhi at the Burmese Community Resource Center located in the western suburb.
The discussion, led by a group of visiting delegation from the Chin Forum, primarily focused on the impending elections in 2010, and participated by members of the Burmese community in New Delhi from different organizations.

Members of the Chin Forum delegation include the organization’s Coordinator Salai Kipp Kho Lian, Pu Lian Uk (MP), Dr. Salai Ngun Cung Lian and Dr. Sui Khar.

“We can’t rely on the kind of change proposed by the military regime if we want genuine democracy. We need to think of new strategies, new approach and to revive the struggle. We are faced with a very important challenge,” says Salai Kipp, Coordinator of the Chin Forum based in Germany.

Other members participating in the discussion include U Tha Noe (MP), as well as, representatives from the All Burma Student League (ABSL) and Women Rights and Welfare Association of Burma (WRWAB).

“The military regime is trying to claim legitimacy through the staged elections of 2010. The people need to be united so that we can deny the legitimacy they want,” said MP-Elect Pu Lian Uk.

The discussion lasted for about three hours.

The Chin Forum, founded in 1998 in Canada,  is a platform open to all Chin of different political views or affiliations who are interested in working together for common democratic objectives. The Forum is not a political party but an organization focused on doing research and documentation projects to assist the Chin people’s struggle for freedom and democracy.

Plato Van Rung Mang
Chinland Guardian

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