April 13, 2021
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Singers Ready For Chin Food Aid Concerts In US

23 October, 2009: A team of celebrated Chin singers from Burma, India and Switzerland safely arrived in the US yesterday to perform in a series of ‘long-awaited’ concerts organised as part of Global Campaign against Starvation in Chin State to raise awareness and fund for the victims of ongoing bamboo-and-rat-related food crisis in Burma’s Chin State.

The quintette, which includes Sung Tin Par, Dawt Hlei Hniang and Mang Tin Sawn aka Solomon Menrihai from Burma, Mimi Lalzamliani from Mizoram State of India, and former ABC music band leader Salai Tawna from Switzerland, is to entertain the Chin and Burmese communities in a total of six main cities in the US.

One of the Event Coordinators in the US, Salai Elaisa Vahnie, told Chinland Guardian: “We are very happy that the singers arrived here safely and in good health. Even though they might still be feeling tired and jet-lagged, the concert will take place tomorrow as planned. We are very proud to say that they [singers] are once again taking a voluntary action for this cause and we pray that the two-month long concerts will be successful and meaningful.”

The event called Chin Food Aid Concert will be held on 24 October in Dallas, Texas; on 31 October in Battle Creek, Michigan; on 7 November in San Francisco, California; on 14 November in Los Angeles, California; on 20-21 Novermber in Indianapolis, Indiana; and on 27 November in Washington, DC.

All the takings from the concerts will go towards helping victims of mautam food crisis. A report released yesterday by the organising committee said that all proceeds will directly benefit those affected by this famine-like phenomenon.

Since last year, the singers has been voluntarily performing in a series of international awareness and fund-raising concerts organised by Chin communities as part of Global Campaign against Starvation in Chin State in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Denmark, Norway and Germany.

Van Biak Thang
[email protected]
Chinland Guardian

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