April 14, 2021

Light & Salt Gospel Album: Interview with Chin Musician

10 September 2011 – [CG Note: A Christian gospel album called ‘Light & Salt’ recorded and arranged in the UK is to be released soon across the globe. The album has got a total of 14 tracks with a separate set of 7 songs and 7 tracks for karaoke version.

The album in Burmese with other singers Gloria Ei Ei Khaing and Thar Lay and played by The Occupiers Band with bass by Simon ‘Spud’ Smith, drum by James Rees-Flynn and guitar by Thang Kim, is set to have VCD and DVD productions.

In this Chinland Guardian interview, Chin singer, songwriter and musician Thang Kim talked about the motivation behind the upcoming album, its processes and more…]

Chinland Guardian: What is the secret motivation behind producing this album?

Thang Kim: Nowadays, a lot of people from Burma live spreading across the world. Too busy, some cannot attend church services as they wish. Through these songs, we would like to share the good news with them so that they get spiritual encouragement as they hear the lyrics.

Chinland Guardian: Tell us more about the songs.

Thang Kim: I composed all the songs except one by my best friend Mang Pu (Malaysia). The songs are all based on scriptures from the Bible. To tell the truth, the songs are personal spiritual reflections from what I have been through.

Chinland Guardian: So, among many, what is something special about the album?

Thang Kim: Basically, it’s contemporary Christian gospel songs with contemporary Christian music. It also includes karaoke tracks so that everyone can sing at their own times. Last but not least, it is a musical combination with different ideas and inputs played by the best music students from the Academy of Contemporary Music (www.acm.ac.uk), where I graduated my music degree.

Chinland Guardian: Why in particular with these musicians?

Thang Kim: Mainly just to produce something in very different musical perspectives. It actually started with our university final project. Working with them for a few months, I realised that it would be a great idea to produce a Burmese album with western-oriented music.

Chinland Guardian: Do you think this is the first album of its kind ever produced by Burmese musicians?

Thang Kim: I think this is the first by Burmese and Chin Christian community.

Chinland Guardian: How was the preparation?

Thang Kim: Well, I was recording as part of my university project, which included working with different musicians and producers. In the western world, producers are not just financial contributors but they technically got involved throughout the whole process. That was good. Of course, there were difficult times with ups and downs. Much times has spent and commitment been made. But here we go – hopefully, people will not only enjoy but also get encouraged spiritually and musically.

Chinland Guardian: What are the most challenging and enjoyable moments during the process?

Thang Kim: Putting all the pieces of music in final productions is a tough challenge. It included layers of editing, mixing and mastering processes to be done to my satisfaction. Yet, I feel I could have done it better. On the other hand, working with different producers and musicians always teaches me something new and I have got chances to experience a variety of musical perspectives, approaches and arrangement skills, which is the most pleasing.

Chinland Guardian: What do you want the audience to get from the album?

Thang Kim: Be the light and salt not only for yourself but also for others. As Christians, we are to shine the light of Jesus and to be salt of the world rather than just being happy with the salvation that we have.

And also, as this is a debut album, we would like to request the audience to make comments so we can improve in the future. Many thanks.

Interview by Thawng Zel Thang

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