April 20, 2021

Interview With Chin Rock Singer Solomon Menrihai

[CG Note: Solomon Mang Tin Sawn, better known by his stage name Solomon Menrihai and acclaimed as Chin rock singer especially among the youths, was on tour in Europe for over a month as one of the four Chin singers invited to perform at Chin Famine Live Aid Concerts in Denmark, Norway and Germany.

Wearing Marilyn Monson style make-up on stage, he wowed his fans and audience with his hit songs including ‘Con Lo Laipa’, ‘Chin Nun Mawi’ and ‘Maw Lairam Na Dam Maw?’. Born in Falam to Van Lak Sak and Cal Lian Zingi, Solomon Menrihai is married to a Chuncung wife, Sui Hlawn Sung Menrihai and now they are blessed with a one-and-half-year old daughter Esther Khrih Mi Za Lan.

In this interview, the Chin rocker talked to Van Biak Thang of Chinland Guardian about his experiences during the tour, how he got into music and more.]

Chinland Guardian: How was the recent tour in Europe going?
Solomon Menrihai: It really went well. I was so impressed when I saw the Chin people working very hard together, in unity, to make this programme successful.

Chinland Guardian: During this one-month long tour, what do you think were the most difficult and happiest moments?
Solomon Menrihai: Missing and getting worried for my family [daughter and wife] is most difficult, and seeing with my own eyes the brotherly love and relationship received and given to each other among the Chins in Europe is most adorable. In addition, those old buildings in Germany were very impressive and reminding me of our forefathers in Chin State.

Chinland Guardian: How do you find the Chins in Europe regarding the concerts?
Solomon Menrihai: Thinking over and over again, I found they did enjoy the concerts and did support the cause even more.

Chinland Guardian: We are proud of you for your time and using your talent to help the Chin people. What actually made you decide to participate in this concert programme to raise awareness and fund for Chin victims of food crisis in Burma’s Chin State?
Solomon Menrihai: Thanks a lot. It had been an honour for me to be invited and able to participate in this kind of tour, especially for those brothers and sisters suffering from mautam food crisis. I believed that God reveals Himself through us as our helper and protector for the Chin victims.

Chinland Guardian: Tell us more about yourself in music.
Solomon Menrihai: I well remembered that I started dancing to my mother’s grinding chillies while I was a little kid and strangely, I would stop crying when they played music on the cassette player. At about 14, I started singing and enjoyed playing music with friends. The first song I wrote was called ‘Mino Rock and Roll’ based on the tune of an English song ‘I love Rock and Roll’. After that, I started composing my own songs. Now, I have composed about 50 songs in total, of which about 20 are Christian songs, about 15 national, and the rest mostly romantic. My first album ‘Duhdawtmi na hrang’ meaning ‘for you, love’ was out in 2000.

Chinland Guardian: Any messages to your fans and the Chin people both in Europe and the world?
Solomon Menrihai: To my fans everywhere, I would like to say my heartfelt thanks to for their generous and kind support. To the Chin people in Europe, I would honestly like to apologise for all my weakness and thank for their warm reception during our ‘Chin Famine Concert’ tour. To the Chin people worldwide, if we really love our own songs, we all should try to find any possible ways and work together to protect and improve.

Chinland Guardian
28 September 2009


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