April 14, 2021
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July 2006:[Chinland Guardian Note: The following quotations are taken from Chin National Front chairman Mr. Thomas Thangnou speeches during Mr. Thangnou and CNF delegation visit to Chin communities in Europe; Denmanrk, Germany, Norway and Switzerland in July 2006. Chairman Thomas Thangnou was

accompanied by Chin National Army Chief of Staff Colonel Ral Hnin, CNF External Affairs Secretary Dr. Sui Khar, CNF North America Regional Committee Chairman Salai Ngun Cung Lian and CNF North America Regional Committee Secretary Salai Thla Hei]

Your warm overwhelming welcome and supports brace my spirit.

The Chin people’s movement for self determination and democracy being carried out by the Chin National Front at present is in accordance with the wills of our forefathers, the stand and principle of the Chin people.

Our forefather overwhelmingly adopted democratic principle in the 1948 Falam conference. The Tlaisun democratic council can be termed as today democratic principle which our forefathers from the Tlaisun area have already practice before the British invasion to our land.

The Chin people never accept domination and occupation throughout history.

To implement the desire of the Chin people, the Chin National Front was founded and working hard to achieve the self determination of the Chin people and for democracy.

During several operations of the Chin National Front and its army wing Chin National Army, unavoidable mistakes have been made. And I want to ask our people for your understanding while engaging in this freedom movement.

At the same time, I want to express my gratitude and heartfelt thank to the entire Chin people for your unwavering supports of the Chin people’s freedom movement. CNF is a home grown revolutionary organization operating solely with the supports of the Chin people.

I and the leadership of CNF clearly understand that many people have been effected by this revolutionary movement. Several people gave their lives, several people were arrested, endure unbearable torture and hardships from the hands of the Burmese dictatorship, countless families have been torn apart. I offer the greatest honors for the sacrifice many of you have made for the sake of this freedom movement.

I want to assure the Chin people that we will never compromise our principle which is to regain our national self-determination and for democracy.

This has been the desire of the Chin people to live as a free people in this world, to uplift our living standard, promote our culture, manage our own affairs, and practice our religion freely as a people.

I want to invite all walks of lives-the women, the youth, the students, religious leaders and the entire Chin people around the world to work hand in hand for the struggle of national survival.

To free the Chin people from the yoke of tyranny, oppression and occupation is the duty of every Chin.

It is important to note that we, all the Chin people, need to work together in this freedom movement.

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