April 14, 2021
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Villager arrested by unknown armed group in Paletwa Township

20 October 2020 – An unknown armed group arrested Mr. Deaung Aung [Dung Aung], 33, a resident of East Kyet Ma Aing village, about 9 miles [16 km] away from Samee, Paletwa Township in Chin State last Sunday.

The Khumi Media Group said that he was arrested at around 4:30 pm while he was taking a bath on the bank of Mee river, locally known as Pui Tavo, near Kyet Ma Aing.

“A local boat carrying bags of rice plying from Pyin Wa village stopped when it reached the river bank. Members of the armed group, who were on the boat, talked to Mr. Deaung Aung. Then, they tied his hands and took him to the boat,” said a relative of the victim, father of one child.

The unidentified armed group was said to have continued their journey along the river and unloaded their commodities at a place, about 2 furlongs [0.4 km] away from Kyet Ma Aing.

“They took him to the forest,” the relative told the Khumi Media Group.

Currently, there are 17 Khumi Chins reported missing since November 2018 in Paletwa Township where Tatmadaw and the Arakan Army (AA) have been fighting, according to the Chin Human Rights Organization.

AA had released some of the detainees in the past, however the whereabouts of Salai Aung Soe, a Khumi youth leader, and others are still unknown. – Reporting by Cer Len Ci and Naomy VT Chin with Salai Sang Hnin Lian

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