Election (6)

Election by Numbers: Thantlang Township

10 November 2010: Chinland Guardian is pleased to present the unofficial results of the vote counts in Thantlang Township, where the Chin National Party (CNP) has claimed a decisive victory over its two main rival parties: the Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) and NationalUnity Party (NUP), sweeping all contested seats in the Township. Break-Down of Votes Between Candidates in Thantlang Township Candidate Name Party Constituency Seat Contested Total Votes Earned Status Pi Za Tlem CNP   People’s Parl. 11826 Winner Pu Lian Tial NUP   People’s Parl. 1549 Pu Ngu Hram USDP   People’s Parl. 8344 Pu Thang Thai CNP 1 National Parl. 12249 Winner Pu Hmung Kio USDP 1 National Parl. 7997 Pu Bawi Thang (C) UDP 1 National Parl. 1351 Pu Lalmawngcung CNP 1 State Parl. 6086 Winner Pu Robin CNP 2 State Parl. 5480 Winner Pu Sui Thio USDP 1 State Parl. 3897 Dr. Hmuh Thang USDP 2 State Parl. 4637 Pu Thang Ding NUP 1 State Parl. 1030 Pu Van Za Rung NUP 2 State Parl. 538 Source: Chin Human Rights Organization (CHRO) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Chinland Guardian  
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