A Bright Vision: Recommendations for Chin State’s Chief Minister

MOST people recognize that, with the new political openings – albeit limited, there is a great need for a strong vision for the short term and long term development of Chinram and the people of Chin State. That vision now is well within reach, especially in light of the new power structure that allows for an ethnic Chin leader at the top of the levers of power in Chin State. The Chief Minister, in spite of his constitutionally limited and constrained mandate, does have much leverage to make certain visions a reality. Before him are full of opportunities and potentials. But a strong vision and bold actions are needed to unlock the potentials that are waiting to spring out. In this essay, I outline some recommendations for the leaders of Chin State, particularly the Chief Minister in the hope that they may be considered in some way towards the development of relevant policy formulations that can help steer the course towards a holistic and healthy development of the country’s poorest state.

Understanding Contemporary Chin State: Reflections from a Human Rights Trainer

During the last decade, the world has witnessed many unprecedented major political shifts and the collapse of States due to large-scale civil mobilization and political movements that have demanded full civil, political, and fundamental human rights. The most significant one can point to is known as the “Arab Spring” in the world political record which spread to many countries in the Arab League and led to political transformation in Tunisia. However, relatively few people are aware of peaceful political movements in a country like Burma which was under military dictatorship for more than half a century.

No more procrastination to make CND public holiday in Chin State

26 February 2015 (Editorial) -- Most of the shops were closed and government employees didn't go to their offices for work. School children were running around here and there without going to school. Besides, people came out neat and clean, dressed up in their traditional costumes while some put on their Sunday best as they headed for the venue.
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